Adrien Ravon lecture on Porous City


Heb je de prachtige torens van LEGO®steentjes in KAF al gezien en ben je nieuwsgierig naar hoe deze geweldige constructies tot stand zijn gekomen? Kom dan naar de lezing van een van de onderzoekers. Let wel, lezing is in het Engels.
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On Thursday 18 th of January, Adrien Ravon, researcher at The Why Factory, will present the Think Tank’s ongoing research on porous cities. Through the presentation of a series of spatial experiments, the lecture will reveal a systematic method to open up our built environment. By looking at how to measure porosity in architecture, the research aims to promote the power of the pixel as a design and evaluation tool. It is an invitation to bring more qualities to the development of our built environment and to critically look at the process of densification of our cities.
Welcome to a porous society!
Welcome to cities that want to be open and porous!
Our current cities consist of towers and blocks that are enclosed, distant, introverted and not mixed with urban life, social possibilities or ecological potentials. They are not open.How to open them? How can we introduce pockets for encounters, for streams of circulation and communication, for zones for greenery and animals, for tunnels of cooling and refreshment, for channels and pockets of water and sanitation…What logics can be imagined in our towers to allow for this openness?
By using stepped floors making stairs all through the towers…
By creating grottos that group and collect people…
By splitting towers that multiply the surface of the façade…
By twisting blocks that thus create pocket parks…
And so on…Every hypothesis leads to a series of interventions. Step by step. How far can we go before the tower collapses, before it is unaffordable?Together, these series form an army of towers that contributes to a more porous, a more open city. Why wait?
Foto: ©Jeroen Roest voor KAF
Datum:  18 januari
Tijd:      19:30
Locatie: KAF, Esplanade 10-12, Almere
Entree:   € 3,00
Adrien Ravon (France, 1986) is an architect, teacher and researcher, combining both, a theoretical and technical approach. Ravon completed his studies at the FADU-UBA, Buenos Aires and at the ENSAPM, Paris, where he defended his master thesis in January 2011. After collaborating as an architect with Officina Urbana in Buenos Aires and Jakob+MacFarlane in Paris, Ravon has been appointed teacher and researcher at the TU Delft, where he joined The Why Factory, a think tank on urban visions, led by Winy Maas. Since September 2011, Ravon has been working on various research projects focusing on urban futures, tools and design methodologies. He had a key position in advancing the Future Models course, which provides specific computing support to The Why Factory’s work. He co-authored The Why Factory’s publications ‘Barba’ (NAi publishers, 2015), ‘The Generator’ chapter in ‘Copypaste’ (NAi publishers, expected 2017) and ‘Porocity’ (NAI Publishers, expected 2018). In the frame of his collaboration with The Why Factory, he has worked with the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, ETH in Zürich, KTH in Stockholm, EIT ICT Labs, IIT in Chicago, IAAC in Barcelona, GSAPP in New York City, RMIT Melbourne and Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. At TU Delft, he has been supervising The Why Factory’s graduation unit for the past three years. In parallel, Ravon is currently working as a consultant at the architecture office MVRDV.

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